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Today we celebrate the feast day of the Blessed Trinity. The word Trinity is a title for God that tells us that He is three Persons in one God.

Before Jesus came, the people didn’t know that God was a Trinity. The Israelites knew that there was only one God, but they didn’t know very much about Him. Jesus showed the people that there were three Persons in God when He taught them about Himself and the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The tree Persons in the Blessed Trinity are all equal but different. We cannot understand this, but we believe it because Jesus taught it. It is one of the Mysteries of our Faith.

What does the Holy Trinity do for us? We know that God the Father made everything and we are intended to go back to Him. The Holy Spirit guides us towards Him and Jesus is the way.

Every time you make the Sign of the Cross or say the “Glory Be” you are praying to the Blessed Trinity.

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